my show LIGHTWORKS launched on FRISKY. I want to thank everyone who ever tuned in and supported me and the station. Also, I need to thank my dear friend Faisal Sultan as well as the whole team behind the curtains for 7 years of friendship, trust and loyalty. A true important path in my life, if not the most valuable.

A very grateful Ingo.

3 thoughts on “7 YEARS AGO …

  1. dude. ive been under such a big rock that i didnt know this milestone was reached… but at least big BIG things are coming and it will oly get better! how time flies when youre having fun! huge congrats and i wanna thank you for the incredible beats over the years… on to 7 more… !!!


    • Thanks brother. Believe it or not: yesterday when show had started I watched the marquee saying “… October 2012 …” and I was like “WTF!”. Looks like I’ve been under a similar rock recently.ūüėČ


  2. Herzlichen Gl√ľckwunsch!!!!

    Wie die Zeit rennt…alter Schwede…:/
    Mein √§ltester Mix von Dir ist von April 2007…auch schon ne Zeit her. *wow*

    Wobei die √§ltesten Mix m√ľssten noch aus der “Cosmo Connor’s”-Zeit sein, das waren so 2 oder 3 Mixe in Richtung Cafe del Mar.

    Hach…was bin ich alt…ūüėČ

    Hoch die Schwerter mein Lieber!!!


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